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Anna + Mike | An Epic Elopement in Colorado | Darling Juliet | White in Revery

June 28, 2017

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Key West Elopement & Night Sky Photography Session | Kind Words

December 11, 2017

Thank you so much Gina and Matt for the kind words! Steve and Ryan had such a wonderful time capturing your big day down in Key West!


"My husband and I could not have had a better experience with Steven Miller Photography. Not only did they provide us with some great action shots of our wedding, but they also went a step further and offered us a Milky Way Galaxy photo session, that I am very glad we abliged. 


Matt and I got married in the Keys in May. Steven Miller had suggested to do some night sky shots with us earlier in the week before our wedding, but we were hesitant. We had a jam packed week in the day-drinking, partying town of Key West, so finding a sober night for a 1:00AM photoshoot didn't seem feasable. 

But after seeing Steven's passion for the stars, Matt and I mustered up our energy for a mid-night road trip on the night of our wedding, to make this happen! 


Steven and Ryan drove us to Duck Key, where the street lights were non-existent, and the night sky was in full effect.  Steven did his research ahead of time and picked the perfect location. He and Ryan were so excited and so passionate about getting the best shot, as Matt and I were their very first Milkway Galaxy Photoshoot accepters! Me in my white dress and Matt in his white dress shirt and SHORTS (his dress pants were wet from jumping in the ocean during our reception... Steven caught those shots... they were priceless... seriously, PRICELESS), we struck our poses while Steven and Ryan found the best lighting and focus. We moved around a bit due to some roaming clouds. We may have set up shop right in the middle of the highway for a few photos and then chucked-ass over the medians as traffic approached.  We may have seen a creepy, beat-up, multi-colored van that I'm pretty sure had people in it doing God only knows what.  We may have over indulged on pickle chips that Steven had in his car. We may have laughed ALOT during this little road trip at 1:00AM! 


We may have received an awesome gallery a few weeks after this photoshoot! Steven had sent about 10 digital images to me and asked me what I thought. I was floored! Their cameras brought out this Galaxy more than what the naked eye could see. A few shots had some clouds and good poses, a few shots had some mediocure poses and good stars, and ALL of them had Matt in his SHORTS! So, I addressed this to Steven.  With the click of his fingers, he was able to photoshop pants on Matt, and paste the clear Gallaxy photo, over our best pose photo and BOOM! I had the perfect photo of me and my husband, holding hands under the Milky Way Gallaxy... in his photoshopped pants! ☺️


This experience was such an incredibly fun experience! It was also really nice to get to know Steven and Ryan. They handled our wedding and all my odd photo requests like champs. They were professional, polite, patient, and fun! I would definitely hired Steven Miller Photography again for my next wedding 😉"

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