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A Joyous Summer Wedding at Sun Point

When it comes to figuring out when you’re ready to get married, people say that “when you know, you know.” You’ll intuitively feel that the person you’re with is the right one for you. We believe that the same goes for your wedding! You’ll know that you have found the right location, season, and vibe when it feels true to your personalities and when you both get giddy with excitement just thinking about it.

When Nikki and Will first reached out to us about their summer wedding, we were so excited! This was a couple who knew that they wanted it to be just the two of them. They also knew that they wanted to be completely immersed in nature and have a relaxed and beautiful day together. This seemed like the perfect wedding feel for them, which in turn, made them a great fit for us!

Nikki and Will’s summer wedding story will inspire you to follow your heart, not only to the right person, but also to the right wedding site for you! Their elopement day started with a first look and purple floral, and ended with a custom jacket and adventure session! Keep on reading to read about it all!

Sun Point at Glacier National Park:

From the beginning, Nikki and Will knew that they wanted to have their summer wedding at Sun Point. Located within Glacier National Park, this locale features the turquoise blue waters of Saint Mary Lake and the sloping mountains that surround the area. You do need a permit to access Sun Point for a wedding, but when we work together, we’ll assist you in navigating that process.

Sun Point makes a gorgeous ceremony spot because the views are so sweeping and varied. Not only do you get the mountains and lake, but there are also countless forest trees and blue sky as far as the eye can see. Plus, since it is inside the national park, you can easily explore the mountains as part of your adventure session following the ceremony!

Nikki and Will selected Sun Point for these reasons! Nikki told us after the summer wedding that they wanted “the beautiful scenery to be the star of the show (and it was!).”

Journey to Sun Point:

On the morning of their summer wedding, the beautiful bride got her hair and makeup done while we picked up the bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. On elopement days, the vendor team and I like to do as much as we can to assist the couple and reduce the number of vendors who need to go up the mountainside. That means that we often pick up the floral or the cake on the morning of… and we are more than happy to do so!

Once we had the floral in hand, we started the journey to Sun Point. From Whitefish, it is approximately a 3-hour drive because Sun Point is tucked deep within Glacier, but it is always worth it! The stunning views that you’ll see on the way there alone will blow you away!

The First Look:

Once everyone arrived at Sun Point, Nikki and Will changed into their wedding attire. Nikki wore an elegant, strapless gown with lace details on the bodice. Will donned a light brown, textured suit with a sage green tie. Both of their outfits were absolutely perfect for a summer wedding!

Once they were both ready, we set them up for their first look. Will faced the lake and Nikki walked up behind him. When he turned around and saw his bride all dressed in white for the first time, the biggest smile crossed his face, and we swear it stayed there the entire rest of the day!

Later, Nikki would tell us that the first look was both hers and Will’s favorite moment of the entire day! She said that “It was such a flood of emotions after months of planning to finally be having our dream wedding! We both had the biggest smiles on our face, core memory achieved!” We love that!

We then gave them a few private moments to soak in the beauty of the setting and the significance of the day. These were the last moments before they became husband and wife!

A Summer Wedding Ceremony:

During Nikki and Will’s summer wedding ceremony, they literally tied the knot! Their officiant wrapped a rope around the couple’s hands before they tied two knots in it. This represented their union and the fact that their lives were now forever intertwined.

Afterwards, Nikki and Will read their custom vows to one another and exchanged rings. As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife, they then shared their first married kiss with the sun shining as brightly as could be. They did it!

The Adventure Begins:

The newlyweds’ joy was palpable as they realized that this was no drill: They were actually married! This was the moment that they had planned for and dreamed about for months, and it was finally here! Seeing this realization dawn on a couple is one of our favorite moments. Their sheer elation always warms our heart and makes us smile!

After Nikki and Will signed their marriage license, they then took off with their photographer to capture epic adventure photos around Sun Point and the rest of Glacier. Nikki even busted out her custom, bedazzled jean jacket to celebrate!

Their smiles in the photos truly say it all. They had the summer wedding that they envisioned from the start, and we were so lucky to have been a part of it!

A Word from Katie:

Congratulations, Nikki and Will! Your summer wedding was absolutely EPIC and I so enjoyed working with you two! The day was beautiful, but you both are even more so! I wish you all the best!


Venue // Glacier National Park - Sun Point

Coordinator // An Epic Elopement

Photographer // Dina Remi Photography

Hair & Makeup // Melanie Hobus

Officiant // Bespoke Ceremonies

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