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A Microwedding with Fall Wedding Decor at Great Northern Resort

We love when couples stay true to themselves and have their dream wedding, no matter what that looks like! For Cami and Zach, that meant throwing a microwedding with fall wedding décor… in the middle of summer! They longed for a cozy vibe with a moody look for their intimate nuptials, but still wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous Montana summertime.

So, we utilized a blend of reds and oranges in their fall wedding décor color palette. The end result was simply beautiful, and this wedding truly gave Cami and Zach the best of both worlds!

In this post, you’ll discover the details of Cami and Zach’s fall wedding décor and the flow of their microwedding timeline. We hope that this inspires you to think outside the box and plan a wedding that is authentically you!

Great Northern Resort:

Cami and Zach selected Great Northern Resort for their microwedding with fall wedding décor. One of our favorite wedding venues in Montana, Great Northern Resort offers it all! From outdoor activities like rafting and fishing to a beautiful wedding ceremony spot in a meadow, this venue is great for creating a well-rounded wedding weekend experience!

Fall Wedding Décor Details:

Cami and Zach’s ceremony would take place in the venue’s meadow with the forest trees and distant mountains as the backdrop. To incorporate their fall wedding décor, we set a rustic wooden arch with red, orange, and ivory floral sprays along the top of it. We chose folding chairs in a natural wood color with white chair pads. As a finishing touch, we tied greenery sprays with white ribbon to the aisle chairs.

We planned to have a cake and champagne celebration after the ceremony. For this portion, we set a combination of high and low cocktail tables adjacent to the meadow by the venue’s signature canvas tent. We dressed the low cocktail tables in white linens with red and orange centerpieces that matched the ceremony arch’s floral sprays. We then decorated the highboys in orange patterned linens with the fall floral centerpieces. Including these colors and patterns helped create the fall wedding décor scheme Cami and Zach envisioned!

At this venue, we typically set the cake display table inside the canvas tent to give the cake covering and shade. For Cami and Zach’s cake table, we set a round table with a white linen and burnt orange gauze table runner. We placed a fall floral arrangement, lush greenery, their cake knife set, custom champagne glasses, and gold mercury votives on the table.

The cake itself was a white two-tier cake with slight buttercream smears on the outside. We gave it pops of color by adding red and orange floral accents to the exterior.

Every design element was carefully thought out to create a seamless fall wedding décor scheme for Cami and Zach. We made sure to infuse their fall wedding colors from start to finish to create the cozy vibe they were looking for.

In the end, we couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

Before the “I Dos:”

On the morning of Cami and Zach’s microwedding with fall wedding décor, Cami and her girls got their hair and makeup done while our team picked up the floral and began setup. We are typically one of the first vendors to arrive onsite on a wedding day so that we can oversee the setup and liaise with all the vendors. We’re also typically one of the last vendors to leave to manage the end of the wedding and strike.

Once we finished with the fall wedding décor setup, we went to get Cami to stage her in the canvas tent. Cami was the most gorgeous bride in her white lace gown! She wore her hair down in waves and her bridal bouquet served as the perfect complement to her look. The bouquet contained red, orange, and ivory blooms with emerald greenery and a trailing orange ribbon.

Cami and Zach wanted to have a private moment together before the ceremony began. At the same time, they didn’t want to see each other until Cami walked down the aisle at the ceremony. Our solution?

Private vows standing back-to-back!

In a secluded spot of the forest at Great Northern Resort, we had Cami and Zach stand back-to-back as they each took turns reading their personalized vows to one another. This was such an intimate and romantic moment for them, as they got to speak freely and make the most sacred of promises to each other with privacy. This is a great option for you too, if you or your partner get stage fright, are shy, or simply desire these precious words to be said in private.

Cami and Zach laughed and teared up with one another during their private pre-ceremony vows. After the wedding, here’s what they told us about this time:

“We are so glad we decided to have the private moment with our personal vows back-to-back. It was such a special moment to share those words privately. We will cherish those words and that moment forever.”

-Cami & Zach

The Ceremony:

Then, it was time for the ceremony! Zach escorted his mom down the aisle first followed by their flower girl, Isabella. She was the cutest in her light pink dress with tulle skirt! Plus, she did a great job throwing her flower petals down the aisle to pave the way for Cami.

Both of Cami’s parents escorted her down the aisle to the tune of “You’re Still the One” by Billy Rushrow. When they reached the altar, Cami hugged her parents and Zach shook her dad’s hand. It was time to get married!

The ceremony itself was simple and sweet. It lasted just about 15 minutes, but it was enough time to make everyone tear up! In the light of the early evening sun, Cami and Zach each said “I do,” and then shared their first married kiss. They walked back up the aisle hand-in-hand to “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne with glowing smiles on each of their faces.

There’s no better feeling!

Cake Celebration:

After signing their marriage license and capturing formal family photos, it was time to cut the cake! Cami and Zach made their way into the canvas tent to dig into the cake and enjoy some champagne. They shared toasts with their family and simply enjoyed each other’s company as they basked in the glow of their brand-new marriage.

Glacier National Park Adventure Session:

One of the best things about Great Northern Resort is that lies just a few miles from the entrance to Glacier National Park! This meant that following their microwedding with fall wedding décor, the newlyweds were able to hop on over to Glacier for an epic adventure photo session!

They spent the rest of the evening exploring the park’s gushing rapids, open meadows, and majestic mountains. What better way to end their wedding day than spending time together in the beauty of nature?

And they lived happily ever after!

A Word from the Bride:

“Get yourself a Katie! Having [Katie] was a dream. I cannot plan anything so the fact that I had [Katie] was the best decision I ever made.”


A Word from Katie:

Congratulations Cami and Zach! Your microwedding with fall wedding décor was a blast to be a part of and I loved getting to know the two of you! I’m so glad that you got to have your dream day. Cheers to your bright future together!


Coordinator // An Epic Elopement

Photographer // Amber Lynn Photography

Florist // Mum's Flowers

Hair & Makeup // Melanie Hobus

Officiant // Weddings by Anna

Rentals // The Party Store

Linen // BBJ Linen

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