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A Snowy Winter Wonderland Wedding in Glacier National Park

It’s the very merry and holly jolly time of year again! As we welcome winter, we’re celebrating by curling up by the fireplace and watching the snow softly float through the air. We’re getting all snuggly in our warmest blankets and wrapping presents for clients, vendor partners, and loved ones while watching our favorite holiday films. With a steaming cup of hot cocoa in hand, we’re also reminiscing on a snowy winter wonderland wedding where magic rang through the air and love won the day.

For Hillary and Randy’s winter wonderland wedding, it truly felt like we were in a snowglobe and this bride was the snow queen. On this wintry day in Glacier National Park, she married her king with their kids and closest family members as witnesses. Their nuptials were followed by an epic adventure session around the park with the most beautiful of winter backdrops. Seriously, Glacier was really showing off that day with how gorgeous these landscapes were!

If you’re dreaming of a white winter wonderland wedding, this post is for you! You’ll marvel at the clean crispness of Hillary’s iconic wedding dress against the snow and become awestruck at the way the lake froze over. This elopement definitely serves up cozy winter, North Pole type of vibes and we cannot wait for you to check it all out!

Let’s dive in!

Is a Winter Wonderland Wedding Right For You?

Here in Montana, the most popular time of the year for weddings is the summer because of the enjoyable weather. If you’re hoping for sunny skies and moderate temperatures, a summer wedding would suit you well. However, if you’re open to getting married in the off-season, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds, more vendor availability, and truly breathtaking snowy scenes. It’ll be easier for you to attain privacy for your ceremony and photo session in Glacier in the winter and you’ll still have a variety of options for celebrating your new marriage, from an intimate dinner or reception to a mountainside picnic to hitting the slopes!

Once you decide on tying the knot in the winter, you’ll next need to consider your wedding colors and theme. It may seem natural to associate the season with Christmas and the holidays, but don’t feel like you have to have a Christmas themed wedding if that’s not your style. We’re huge advocates of crafting your wedding to be anything you want it to be! Whether it’s having a bold and bright color scheme or including lots of personal touches, your wedding day should be true to your personalities and love story.

So if a Christmas themed wedding isn’t your jam, a winter wonderland wedding may be just the perfect option for you! When we plan your big day, we can work together to create a jaw-dropping winter wonderland aesthetic, complete with hues like white, ivory, cream, silver, pale blue, and natural greenery, just like Hillary and Randy had on their dream day.

This was exactly the thought process that Hillary had when curating their winter wonderland wedding. She didn’t necessarily want a Christmas themed celebration, but rather, one inspired by an ethereal scene from a snow globe. Keep reading to see how she pulled it off!

Winter Wonderland Wedding Design:

On the day of this winter wonderland wedding, everyone gathered at Ryan Beach in Glacier National Park to watch Hillary and Randy proclaim their love for one another. For the festivities, Randy donned blue flannel, blue jeans, and a navy blue vest, complete with a fir and pinecone boutonniere wrapped in twine.

His soon-to-be wife, Hillary, truly looked like a goddess that day! Dressed in a white wedding gown with long lace sleeves, she was absolutely radiant against the bright white snow. Her bridal bouquet was made up of fir, pine, eucalyptus, and berries to give off that winter wonderland vibe.

Although she was the star of the show that day, we can’t forget the kids! Hillary and Randy’s children were integral parts of the wedding ceremony that day, serving as maid of honor and best man. While their son rocked an outfit that matched Randy’s, their daughter wore a navy blue velvet dress with a white faux fur bolero. Both elegant and classic, her look fit the theme of the day perfectly. Later on, Hillary would tell us that not only did she choose blue as the accent color for their day because it was ideal for a winter wonderland wedding, but also because it was their daughter’s favorite color! We love the dual meaning behind this color palette and what it signifies for this family.

Eloping in the Mountains:

Ryan Beach in Glacier National Park is one of our favorite spots for our couples to tie the knot! With a vast lake and surrounding mountains, this is a location where the sun hits just right and the views are incredible. For this winter wonderland wedding though, we got to see a different side to Ryan Beach. Although the spot was the same, it was completely transformed by Mother Nature. The lake was entirely frozen over, snow blanketed the ground, and the mountains were steeped from top to bottom in frost and snow. It couldn’t have been more downright beautiful!

This was the backdrop that Hillary and Randy had for their wedding ceremony. After walking into the ceremony spot to the tune of “This I Promise You” by Donna Taggart, Hillary joined Randy and their kids by the lake for the proceedings. Our owner, lead planner, and fearless leader, Katie, both coordinated and officiated that day, and she led them through a sentimental and joyous ceremony. She always strives to personalize the ceremony to each couple, tying in quotes that hold special meaning to them, including beloved anecdotes, and incorporating special words from the bride and groom themselves, given to Katie before the big day.

For this winter wonderland wedding, Katie took the couple on a journey down memory lane and guided them through a beautiful “Cord of 3 Strands” unity ceremony. This couple then exchanged personalized vows and rings, but not without a little fun and whimsy thrown in! Randy and their son, Bradley, had planned to prank Hillary during the ceremony by pretending to forget the wedding rings…and she loved it! This bit of humor made everyone smile and laugh, adding even more joy to the day.

Then, Hillary and Randy became husband and wife!

Winter Wedding Photos:

After their winter wonderland wedding ceremony, the new Mr. and Mrs. captured family photos and then celebrated with an adorable sweetheart cake. It was a beautiful, one-tier naked cake that we decorated with fresh white floral. Because no one said you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Then, the newlyweds were off on an epic adventure session! For this, Hillary donned a faux fur lined white cape, reminiscent of any Disney princess. It trailed as long as her wedding gown, making it the most striking addition to her bridal look.

From the frozen lake to the forest of Christmas trees, every setting in which this couple took photos was as perfect as it gets. We were mesmerized by every aspect of this day, and the magic is wondrously captured in the photos. Just see what we mean!

A Word from the Bride:

When asked what advice she would give to other couples planning their weddings, Hillary said:

“Definitely hire Katie with An Epic Elopement. Seriously!! Having a wedding planner literally took all of the stress out of it. Having someone take care of everything was amazing!”

A Word from Katie:

Hillary and Randy, your winter wonderland wedding was an absolute joy to be a part of in every way! I just loved your senses of fun, humor, and adventure, and it was a happy experience to work with you both! Thanks for inviting me into this most special part of your love story and I wish you all the best this world has to offer!


Venue: Glacier National Park – Ryan Beach

Coordinator: An Epic Elopement

Officiant: Katie Jimenez with An Epic Elopement

Videographer: Erickson Media

Let’s Plan Your Winter Wonderland Wedding!

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