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An Elegant Blue and White Wedding at Big Bend

When you work with us here at An Epic Elopement, you’ll get a planner, coordinator, officiant, and friend! We strive to make the planning process and of course, the day of the elopement stress-free and most importantly, fun! There’s no better example of this than Amanda & Phillip’s blue and white wedding at Big Bend in Glacier National Park.

This couple had the BEST energy about them that they carried with them the entire day, from start to finish. They held their ceremony at Big Bend, explored Glacier for epic adventure photos, and then ended the day with a private celebration back at their resort.

But the most unexpected, and one of the most fun, parts of the entire day came before the ceremony and even before we arrived at the park. Stay tuned to read about our adventures on Amanda and Phillip’s blue and white wedding day!

The Morning of The Blue and White Wedding:

Amanda and Phillip chose to elope with just the two of them in Glacier National Park. When a couple values privacy and spending quality time with just the two of them like this, it’s always a good idea to streamline the number of vendors we have onsite. We don’t want to overwhelm the couple or make them feel like they are reading their vows in front of a crowd.

That’s why I, and the amazing photographers I work with, typically assist couples by picking things up and bringing them with us to the ceremony site. On the morning of Amanda and Phillip’s blue and white wedding, I picked up the wedding cake and floral from their respective vendors.

Their cake was such a cutie! It was a simple one tier cake with a smooth white exterior. The florist accented the cake with elegant blue and white flowers with emerald greenery.

Amanda’s bridal bouquet had similar blue and white blooms in it. It was hand-tied with a wildflower quality to it, so that it looked like we could have plucked the flowers right out of the mountainside that very same day. Phillip’s boutonniere had one large white bloom with a smaller blue floral accent. It was all perfect for their blue and white wedding on top of a Montana mountain!

When I had the cake and flowers in hand, I met this beautiful bride at the hair salon where she was getting her hair and makeup done.

Amanda’s Bridal Style:

For her bridal look, Amanda chose to have her hair pinned up in waves with the chignon hitting the nape of her neck. She added a floral hairpiece that her stylist weaved across her hair for an extra bit of sparkle.

Amanda’s wedding gown was a gorgeous white sheath with lace from top to bottom. It had spaghetti straps, a deep V neckline, and just the right amount of train so that Amanda could carry it herself if she wanted to. The finishing touches to her look were a fingertip length veil, a simple bracelet and matching teardrop earrings.

My favorite part of her look though? Her shoes! She wore sparkly white Keds that kept her comfy throughout the day and caught the light whenever she twirled in her dress. They were so fun and so Amanda! She was an absolutely stunning bride, and what’s more is that she looked totally natural and comfortable in everything she was wearing.

An Unexpected Twist:

Once Amanda was all dolled up, it was time to make our way to Big Bend for their blue and white wedding! She and Phillip would not be holding a first look, so I drove Amanda up the mountain and Phillip would meet us there. We also picked up their photographer, Gavin, along the way. Talk about a party bus!

On our way to Glacier, Amanda realized that she wanted to pick up some snacks and goodies. A quick shopping trip on the way to the ceremony? To that, I say sure!

We ended up making a pitstop at Walgreens, where Amanda picked out treats to her heart’s content! She was such a trooper walking through the store in her full wedding gown, but then again, what’s walking through a Walgreens compared to trekking up a mountain?

Gavin, Amanda and I had so much fun going through the snacks and snapping pictures along the way. Amanda has such a fun-loving nature and had the silliest and most fun poses!

A Blue and White Wedding Ceremony:

Now that we really had everything we would need, we were back on our way up to Big Bend! When we arrived, I pinned Phillip’s boutonniere on his lapel, positioned the officiant and Phillip at the altar, and then went to get Amanda for her big entrance.

The spot we chose for the ceremony was just breathtaking! The altar was in a lush green valley with various rocks, bushes, and trees dotting the landscape. There were several mountains surrounding the area as well, providing the most picturesque backdrop for this most beautiful of days! On top of it all, the sun was shining with just enough cloud coverage to give us some shade.

When Amanda walked into the ceremony and joined Phillip at the altar, there were so many emotions! They were plain on each of their faces. They were both overjoyed, sentimental, grateful, and excited to finally tie the knot!

During the ceremony, they each read their own vows and shed a few tears. They had communion and clasped their hands together, heads bowed in prayer. After it was all through, they shared their first married kiss and then threw their arms around each other.

There’s no better feeling than having just gotten married!

Cake, Adventure & The Happily Ever After:

While their ceremony was wrapping up, I started setting up their blue and white wedding cake table. I brought this adorable white cake stand that was just big enough for their one tier. I set it up on this huge, flat boulder near the ceremony site and gingerly placed the cake atop it. The last piece was the silver cake knife that the couple provided. It was beautiful with the words “To Have and To Hold” engraved on it.

Right after the newlyweds made it official, they came over to cut their cake! They actually opted to forgo the cake knife altogether and dig right into it! They fed each other the first bite of cake, as is traditional, but of course, this fun couple took it to the next level and took turns smashing a bit of cake in each other’s faces. Not enough to really make a mess, but just enough to have fun and make it look oh so cute!

The adorable lovebirds spent the rest of their big day exploring Glacier and getting adventure photos! The photos speak for themselves, as they are truly EPIC. I just love the various terrains and landscapes that Glacier has to offer. The views never get old!

Amanda and Phillip’s blue and white wedding was absolutely spectacular in every way. They made the most out of every minute, from our impromptu snack run to the last photo they captured before the sun set. At the end of it all, they made their way back to their resort, where The Kopper Kitchen delivered a celebratory charcuterie board for them to munch on.

And they lived happily ever after!

A Word from Katie:

Amanda and Phillip, FUN is the best word I can think of to describe your day! I had a blast hanging out with you both. It was an honor to be a part of your elopement and I wish you guys all the joy and adventure in the world! Big hugs!


Venue // Glacier National Park - Big Bend

Coordinator // An Epic Elopement

Photographer // Kelly Kirksey Photography - Gavin

Officiant // Fresh Life Church - Pastor Chris

Hair & Makeup // Glow Salon

Caterer // The Kopper Kitchen

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