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A Bright & Colorful Glacier National Park Wedding

It’s always a special moment when a couple decides to book me as their wedding or elopement planner. Being invited into my couples’ hearts, lives, and families for their big days is one of the biggest privileges of my life! So when Tabatha and Blake not only asked me to plan their Glacier National Park wedding, but to also officiate the ceremony, I was truly honored and honestly, blown away!

I’ve officiated my fair share of weddings since getting ordained, but I’ll never forget this couple and their Glacier National Park wedding at Pray Lake! It could not have been a more gorgeous day with the sun hitting just right, the lake as blue as the sky, and the bright colors of Tabatha’s bouquet complementing the setting perfectly.

What would a Glacier National Park wedding be without an adventure photo shoot too? These pictures truly turned out EPIC! Mother Nature was definitely showing off that day, as every landscape that Tabatha and Blake trekked to looked like it was straight out of a painting! Trust me when I say that you do not want to miss these photos in this post! I guarantee your jaw will literally drop when you see the sunset, just like mine did!

Life’s a Climb, but the View is Great:

Blake and Tabatha’s mom actually worked together in the same office and their cubicles were next to each other. When Tabatha would visit her mom at work, she would make small talk with Blake over the cubicle wall. For a while, that’s all it was, as the two led separate lives. As time went on, they each experienced the joys and hardships that life has to offer, but eventually, they were brought back to each other.

What started out as pleasantries evolved into friendship, which then transformed into something deeper. For Blake, a turning point happened in their relationship when he really got to see how great of a mom Tabatha is to her two kids, Lauren and Cooper. He found true happiness in both the love he shared with Tabatha and the bonds he formed with her kids.

Through all their adventures hiking, fishing, seeing live music, and going to the lake, they became a close-knit family. That was when Blake knew he wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

The Proposal:

Since Tabatha and Blake love being in nature, they decided to take a trip to Yellowstone. They stayed at an Airbnb that had a horse farm and cute, little shops and restaurants nearby. After a day spent riding the horses, shopping, and simply enjoying each other’s company, they wanted to watch the sunset. Blake even FaceTimed Lauren and Cooper so that they could all revel in the beauty of nature together. Clever, huh?

As they were all marveling at the fantastic sunset that evening, Blake started to cry. That was when he got down on one knee and popped the big question. Amidst all the emotions, Tabatha may have forgotten to actually say the word, “Yes” (even though she totally meant to!), so Blake asked her again. That time, she declared a definitive, “Yes!” and it was official. They were getting married!

A Glacier National Park Wedding:

There are tons of amazing spots where you can have a Glacier National Park wedding (read about them all HERE). For Tabatha and Blake, It only felt right to have their wedding in Montana after getting engaged here! So they decided to hold their nuptials at Pray Lake in Two Medicine Campground.

15 of their friends and family joined them with Lauren as the maid of honor and Cooper as the best man, of course! Tabatha wore a stunning, form fitting lace gown and veil while Lauren donned a powder blue chiffon dress. Blake and Cooper opted for tan suits with orange boutonnieres that complemented Tabatha’s bridal bouquet.

Her bouquet was actually my favorite design element of the day! It was so bright and joyful with its pink, coral, white, and orange blooms and trailing peach ribbons. It popped against her gown and looked great in the natural setting of Pray Lake, perfect for a Glacier National Park Wedding!

The Ceremony:

Tabatha and Blake chose to see each other for the first time as Tabatha was walking down the aisle. Escorted by her father, she was absolutely breathtaking! I could tell that even surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lake, as she walked into the ceremony, she only had eyes for Blake.

I did my best to infuse the ceremony with as much emotion, love, and family as this couple has in their lives. Throughout the ceremony, Tabatha and Blake gazed into each other’s eyes with so much fondness and excitement. It was heartwarming to witness! That is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an officiant and wedding planner: getting to see up close the raw emotion that the couple shares.

I loved getting to pronounce this special couple, husband and wife! They kissed as applause and cheers filled the air. This was the moment they had all been waiting for, and it was perfect!

Cake & Champagne Celebration:

After the ceremony was over, I put my wedding planner hat back on and went to go set up the cake and champagne celebration while the newlyweds and their family took photos. A question I get asked a lot is if I have an assistant with me on the day-of. Many times, I do and his name is Joe, also known as my husband!

He was there for this Glacier National Park Wedding to help me set up the cake display table. We laid a light purple gauze linen on one side of this wooden bench right on the lake’s edge. We placed the cake on top of it, along with the bride and groom’s champagne flutes, and then set the rest of the plates and glasses next to them. Lastly, we finished it off with our signature, “We Eloped!” sign. Just like in life, Joe and I make a great team!

When the new Mr. and Mrs. and their guests arrived, Lauren gave a moving toast that brought tears to many eyes. Tabatha and Blake then cut the cake and proceeded to spend quality time with their loved ones on their best day!

A Glacier National Park Wedding Adventure Session:

When the festivities came to a close, everyone made their way back down the mountain, except for the newlyweds. They stayed back to explore the national park and take epic adventure photos!

They got SO many remarkable shots with the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and meadows that Glacier National Park has to offer. Not to mention the incredible sunset that completely tinged the sky a bright and vivid orange!

I love that Tabatha and Blake got to spend this intimate time with just the two of them (and their photographer!) on their special day. They got to soak up the beauty of Glacier, just as they did in Yellowstone, and have one-on-one time together to marvel at the fact that they just got married!

A Word from Katie:

Cheers to you, Tabatha and Blake! It was truly an honor working with you and getting to officiate your ceremony. Thank you for inviting me into this special day of your lives! I wish you a lifetime and more of love and bliss! Congratulations!


Venue // Glacier National Park - Pray Lake

Planner // An Epic Elopement

Officiant // Katie Jimenez with An Epic Elopement

Photographer // Jill Jones Photography

Hair & Makeup // Craft Society Salon

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