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Micro Wedding in the Rain

Everyone has their tricks to bring good luck on their wedding day: Not seeing the bride in her dress before the day, something borrowed, something blue, or a penny in your shoe. The list can go on! Sometimes the best luck though is the type that’s out of our hands! This can mean the perfect timing for an impromptu photo or an unexpected bout of rain for a chance to dance in the rain with your new spouse. If you’re planning for a micro wedding in the rain, we’ve got some tips to help make your day feel as lucky as can be! We say the best method for good luck on your wedding day is to enjoy every second of it and soak in the day you get to marry your best friend.

That’s exactly what Jenna and Jacob did during their dreamy micro wedding in the rain at Glacier National Park. From the moment Jenna and Jacob approached us with their vision of a wedding in the great outdoors, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Montana, we knew that this was going to be an extraordinary celebration. They wanted a micro wedding that would focus on the intimacy and beauty of their love rather than the extravagance of a large wedding. They wanted to create a meaningful and memorable experience that was true to their personalities and relationship, and we were thrilled to help them bring this vision to life.

With a little help from Glacier Park and some lucky rain clouds, we were able to make this micro wedding in the rain a memory to last a lifetime!

A Micro Wedding in the Rain

When the day of Jenna and Jacob's micro wedding arrived, it was raining. While some may have seen this as a challenge, we saw it as an opportunity to create something truly magical. We worked closely with the couple to make sure that every detail was perfect, from the wedding cake to their custom champagne flutes to their clear dome umbrellas, and everything in between. The result was a beautiful and intimate ceremony that took place in front of a breathtaking backdrop of mountains and trees! The rain simply added a romantic and dreamy touch to the proceedings.

To add an extra touch of whimsy and to take care of their guests, this sweet couple gifted their loved ones matching clear umbrellas to use that day. Jenna and Jacob’s umbrellas had embroidery saying “Love is in the Air”. What a fitting quote for their magical micro wedding in the rain!

We spoke with the love birds after their wedding day and asked what their favorite moment of the day was. They both agreed that taking photos on Belton Bridge while running through the rain with their best friend is a memory they will cherish for a lifetime!

How the Rain Set the Tone

Our blushing bride wore a stunning white dress with a delicate lace bodice and a full, flowing skirt. It had long sleeves with floral embroidery on them that ended up helping to keep Jenna that much warmer on her rainy wedding day! Her hair was styled in loose waves, and she carried a bouquet of wildflowers that perfectly complemented the natural surroundings. Jacob wore a brown suit with a white shirt and an earth-tone tie, which added a touch of sophistication to the rustic setting.

As if the romantically vintage feel of their attire wasn’t enough, the cloudy mist that came during their micro wedding in the rain helped evoke that perfectly romantic and moody feel to their photos.

Adventure Session in the Rain

After the ceremony, the newlyweds explored Glacier National Park and got epic photos and videos with their photographers and videographers. Their photography and videography coverage ended just before sunset, which provided the perfect opportunity for the couple to reflect on their beautiful day and enjoy the peacefulness of the park as the sun went down.

The rain certainly seemed to have brought them good luck on their micro wedding day as their newlywed portraits and adventure session through the park are unique and belong in an exhibit of their own! The best part of photos like these is getting to feel their love through each one.

The wonderful part of Glacier National Park that makes it such a hit is all the different sceneries and backdrops to choose from! With so many options, it provides couples with a diverse range of photographs from one session. Here, Jenna and Jacob were able to get formal photos, playful photos, photos of themselves dancing in the rain, and photos showing the true adventure buddies they are!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Luck for a Micro Wedding in the Rain

Jenna and Jacob’s micro wedding in the rain at Glacier National Park was a beautiful and intimate celebration of their love. They created a meaningful and memorable experience that was true to their personalities and relationship, which they will always cherish. Their micro wedding in the rain was a testament to the power of love and nature, which can create magic even in the most unpredictable of circumstances! Weddings like theirs are a great example of how enjoying every moment, even if it means rain on the day of your micro wedding, along with the help of an experienced professional can help give you memories like these that would make anyone feel lucky!

If you're looking for a wedding experience that is truly unforgettable, then a micro wedding in the rain at Glacier National Park is the perfect choice for you! With our experience and expertise in planning and coordinating weddings, we can help you create a beautiful and intimate celebration that is true to your vision and personality. Whether you're dreaming of a ceremony on a mountaintop, a reception in a forest, or a sunset wedding on a beach, we can help you make it happen.

At the end of the day, a wedding is not just about the details or the decor, but about the love and commitment that two people share. It's about creating a meaningful and memorable experience that celebrates your relationship and the journey that you've been on together. A micro wedding in the rain at Glacier National Park is the perfect opportunity to do just that, and we would be honored to help you make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start planning your dream wedding today!

A Word from Katie:

Jenna and Jacob, getting to be a part of your fun day full of love and your history to one another was such a special experience for me! I loved how your wedding day was a reflection of who you are as a couple, and how your love shines through no matter the circumstances. I wish you all the fun, joy, and loving dances in the rain for many years to come!


Planner // An Epic Elopement

Photographer // Amber Lynn Photography

Videographer // On the Fly Films

Hair and Makeup // Melanie Hobus

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