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Tying the Knot at Belton Stage Park

Everyone has their own version of what tying the knot means to them. Whether it’s a grand wedding with everyone you know or an adventure elopement in a stunning setting, the only right way to do it is the way that means the most to you!

Many times when the word "elopement" comes to mind, many may imagine a short ceremony for tying the knot without room for adding some of the elements you would find in a larger wedding. Well, we’re here to tell you that your elopement can be made out in as many ways as you can envision it! The possibilities are endless with unity ceremonies, personalized vows and pledges, and heartfelt traditions.

Your elopement should be a reflection of the pieces that help bring you together and make up your relationship. Here we’ll show you how Katherine and Tyler did just that by tying the knot while incorporating all their favorite things!

First Look:

Katherine and Tyler started off their epic elopement in Belton Stage Park by having a first look prior to their ceremony. Both were dressed to impress with ensembles that perfectly flattered them and the gorgeous view surrounding them. While Tyler stood in his gray tux and blush tie anxiously awaiting to get his first glimpse of Katherine, she readied herself in her beautifully fitted ivory gown with lace details along the sleeves and back.

Tying the knot can't get any sweeter than starting your elopement with this many happy tears!


Katherine and Tyler chose to let their once-in-a-lifetime snowy backdrop be the star of the show when it came to decor for their ceremony. Choosing rich autumn tones in their floral made a statement against the white snow-covered field and mountains surrounding them. We especially loved Katherine’s bridal fur coat she donned to tie together her snow queen look while keeping warm.

Keeping warm didn’t seem to be an issue with these two though. With grins from ear to ear and rosy cheeks, Katherine and Tyler exchanged vows during their custom ceremony that recounted pieces of their journey together and shared sweet messages from one another.

When it comes to elopements like these, tying the knot feels effortless and ethereal!

A Special Unity Ceremony:

There are many ways to create a keepsake of your elopement to cherish and remember the moment by. Some popular ones include preserving your bouquet, having your wedding portrait painted, or incorporating a unity ceremony to create something unique and special for your home!

Having a unity ceremony in particular is not only a wonderful way to remember your wedding by, but also a seamless way to weave aspects of faith, culture, or heritage into your ceremony. There are countless variations to choose from and while the methods are endless, the purpose is always singular: to symbolize the joining of two as one as you embark on your journey as newlyweds.

Katherine and Tyler decided to incorporate a three-strand knot unity ceremony. This ceremony involves knotting three strands to create a unified cord on a piece of artwork that anyone would be proud to display in their home.

Tying the knot both figuratively and literally helped give them a memento to remember the sentiment and excitement they felt as they exchanged their nuptials at Belton Stage Park.

Tying the Knot at Belton Stage Park:

If you’ve been following along with our couple's wedding stories long enough, you’ll know we can’t resist a chance to incorporate the ones we hold most dear… our furry companions! For many of us pet moms and dads, it’s almost unimaginable to think of excluding our beloved pets in one of the most important days of our lives, especially when we spend every other moment with them.

For Katherine and Tyler, they knew they needed their fur baby there to help them with tying the knot on the big day. From including them in the ceremony vows to taking the most endearing newlywed family portraits afterward, there’s no denying Katherine and Tyler were sure to make their epic elopement the perfect reflection of them.

Their sweet pup even perfectly matches the rust-orange ribbon of Katherine’s stunning deep-toned bouquet! Puppy love that’s precisely on theme? Sign us up!

One of the wonderful parts of eloping is the flexibility that comes with it. With more choices of venues, the choice of having your pet by your side on your wedding day is completely yours.

A Shot of Fun:

Tying the knot with an elopement doesn’t mean having to miss out on the party to celebrate your new union. Creating a celebration that perfectly you means adding in parts of the day that will bring you joy. This can mean a first dance, a dance party with the pups, skipping together to your favorite song for those oh-so-whimsical photos, or singing along with the words to the song that reflects you both as a couple.

Celebrating doesn’t stop at music. To add an extra pop of excitement, many couples opt to celebrate with a bottle of champagne to sip and soak it all in together. Maybe bubbly isn’t your thing? Well, Katherine and Tyler agree and have the answer for you.

To really kick off the start of their new life right, they brought along some whiskey for a warm shot in the snow!

A Word From Katie:

Katherine and Tyler, your snowy elopement was truly magical! Every piece of it was a reflection of you both and I had such an incredibly fun time being a part of it. Thank you for choosing me to be there with you both and I wish your family a lifetime of laughter and joy to come!


Venue // Belton Stage Park

Planner & Officiant // An Epic Elopement

Florist // Mum’s Flowers

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