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Eloping in Montana at a Local Hotspot

Deciding to elope is no small decision and choosing where to elope can be even trickier! Do you select a local venue or a destination locale? Do you prefer to elope by the water or on a mountaintop? Opting for an elopement gives you more flexibility with your budget, enabling you to prioritize travel over the costs of having a more traditional wedding.

As a Montana wedding and elopement planner, we can confidently say that our “Treasure State” offers everything you could ever hope for when it comes to your dream elopement. Eloping in Montana means that you don’t have to choose between the mountains or the forest, or between a lakeside ceremony or one in a meadow of wildflowers. Glacier National Park is ours to explore and you can easily go from the highest peak to the lowest valley in the same day, as you capture the most stunning adventure session photos along the way!

In this post, join us as we relive Carly and Steve’s Glacier National Park elopement at Belton Bridge. For this sweet and fun-loving couple, eloping in Montana meant that they could freely roam the park and take in all the sights after tying the knot. Then, they could celebrate their new marriage with their closest loved ones back in Whitefish that evening. Their mountain elopement was nothing short of perfection with its timeless design and relaxed nature.

Let Carly and Steve show you how adventurous and beautiful eloping in Montana can be!

Belton Bridge:

Tucked away in the heart of west Glacier, the Belton Bridge stands as an unassuming yet captivating spot for those who prefer the road less traveled for when they are eloping in Montana. Here at An Epic Elopement, we’ve shown you some of our favorite Glacier National Park wedding ceremony sites, like Ryan Beach and Pray Lake, but Belton Bridge is distinct because it’s more of a local hotspot than tourist attraction.

Also known as the “Old Bridge,” this historic site was first built in 1920 over the Flathead River and locals know it is THE hangout spot in the summer. Montanans love to fish and suntan on the rocky shore here, and some even like to jump from the bridge into the water for a thrill! This area is closed to vehicles, so it’s one of those sites that you wouldn’t typically know about unless you’re local or work with a veteran, local wedding planner (that’s us!).

If you’re thinking about eloping in Montana, this weathered yet beautiful bridge offers a unique and rustic setting. With the surrounding landscape acting as a natural backdrop, it's the perfect place to say "I do!”

Glacier National Park Elopement:

Carly and Steve loved Belton Bridge because it’s lesser known, which meant more privacy for their ceremony. On the morning of their mountain elopement, our blushing bride slipped into a cap sleeve, lace wedding dress with dainty jade earrings. Her soon-to-be husband, Steve, donned a chocolate brown suit with a subtle checkered pattern. When it was time for their ceremony, Carly grabbed her bridal bouquet made of classic red roses and they trekked up to their elopement spot.

Eloping in Montana always means sweeping, panoramic views of the mountains we are known for! Not to mention expansive blue skies and lush forestry filling the landscape. Carly and Steve’s Glacier National Park elopement was no exception, as they exchanged vows and rings on a rocky cliff, surrounded by towering forest trees, a clear blue sky, and the river gently flowing nearby.

It was truly as if they were the only ones in the park that day. They were completely immersed within nature and for this adventurous couple, they wouldn’t have had it any other way. They did bring along two of their loved ones to witness the ceremony. They looked on from the tree line, and clapped and cheered when the officiant pronounced Carly and Steve husband and wife.

Glacier National Park Photos:

After officially eloping in Montana, the newlyweds signed their marriage license and our famous “We Eloped” sign! We absolutely adore our couples and are continually honored to be a part of their special days, so we always bring this wooden sign to use as a photo prop. Many of our clients have used the photo with this sign to announce their new marriage to their family and friends. We always have each couple autograph the back of the sign, so we never forget each and every memory that we made together.

Then, Carly and Steve embarked on their adventure session to capture epic Glacier National Park photos! This is what we mean when we say that Glacier offers the best of all worlds. Although they eloped on a forest-lined mountaintop, they were able to get stunning portraits amongst a variety of landscapes. With their photographer, they got photos by the lake, out on the pier, and along the rocky shore. They also took advantage of Montana’s golden hour, taking pictures in the soft, dreamy lighting.

To end this most special of days, the new Mr. and Mrs. joined their witnesses for a celebratory dinner at Whitefish Lake Restaurant. Their mountain elopement day ultimately demonstrated that eloping in Montana can be adventurous while also laidback. Eloping in Montana truly means you don’t have to choose between the two!

A Word from Katie:

Carly and Steve, congratulations on eloping in Montana! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was overjoyed to see how happy you both were. I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer and hope that you always remember the fun and magic of your elopement day!


Venue: Glacier National Park – Belton Bridge

Coordinator: An Epic Elopement

Photographer: Thewmatt Photography

Need Some Help Eloping in Montana?

Based in Kalispell, Montana, An Epic Elopement specializes in all-inclusive elopements, micro-weddings, and intimate weddings. Here, you get the full experience of having a traditional wedding, but with a little more adventure included!

Are you ready to start your elopement journey? Send me a note describing your vision and let’s make it happen!


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