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Snowy Lake McDonald Lodge Elopement

I was so excited the day Dave reached out to me. They wanted to plan a beautiful Winter elopement and wanted it to happen in just 2 weeks! I was all for it. No one knew they were making the trip from Florida to Montana to get married. It was an actual "let's run away and get married" elopement and I was so excited to help them plan it! Even more perfect, they were located just 2 hours from my hometown in Florida. It was fate!

Their main goal was beautiful, epic photos with a mountain backdrop. I immediately thought of Lake McDonald Lodge. Typically in the Summer, it's busy with guests visiting Glacier. Kiddos play in the lake, families picnic on the beach and everyone enjoys the beautiful weather. Not the idea place to get married due to all the hustle and bustle. However, in the Winter, things are much more low key. The Lodge is closed, the views are snow-covered and it's quiet and intimate - the perfect spot for a wedding!

Kristy and Dave met at the hospital where they both worked. Kristy only worked at the hospital for about two months, while Dave had been there for nearly 10 years! It was truly fate because they had only interacted a handful of times, but Dave knew after the first time they met that they were meant to be together!

Their relationship is inspired by adventure, travel and spontaneity. Nearly 5 years later, they are still a part of each others lives. They continue to grow and learn about each other and that their commitment constantly requires patience, tenacity and compassion. They love travel, live music, the great outdoors, fitness and anything involving their fur babies. Together, they have six cats, two dogs and five chickens. They have purchased their forever home and are in love with the life they have made together!

They stayed at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake while in Montana and couldn't stop raving out the food. They tried everything on their room service menu during their stay! Their wedding day was simply perfect. Kristy got her hair done at Covet Beauty Bar in Whitefish and actually did her own makeup! I carpooled up to Lake McDonald Lodge with Kelly and Gavin and Dave and Kristy met us there. While Kristy was figuring out which jacket to wear for the ceremony, I set up their cake and champagne.

We had them walk down the stairs together to the lake and it made for beautiful photos! Lake McDonald Lodge's architecture is truly stunning. We held their ceremony on the shore of Lake McDonald and there was not a sole in sight. It was quiet, magical and there was a slightly snow flurry! You guys - SO ROMANTIC!!

One of my favorite details from their ceremony, was the ceremony script. Dave requested that I write the ceremony on some fun paper, so I found some handmade paper and hand wrote it on it. They also wrote their vows on the same paper and today, it is framed and displayed on their wall! It was such a special touch and it is an honor to have my writing on their wall. I love it!

After the ceremony, the newlyweds cut their cake with a sweet knife Dave brought, popped the champagne and then enjoyed a few more photos together. We signed the marriage license (barely - our hands were basically frozen) and then headed over to Apgar Village for a few more photos. Kristy changed into this awesome red, fur coat and it popped with her gorgeous bouquet!

One of the other highlights of the day was watching Dave attempts to skip...and then catch Kristy's bouquet after she tossed it to him. The photos at the end of this post show this wonderful moment. I should have video'd was hilarious.

Speaking of bouquet, Kristy and Dave opted to have it preserved. Did you know you can get it freeze-dried and arranged in a shadow box? There is a wonderful company in Whitefish that offers this service, so it is very easy to make it happen. Interested in this? Feel free to ask! We'd love to tell you more!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Davis! I had so much fun working with you and creating the most magical snowy ceremony! You two are so dang perfect for each other and I hope we see each other again one day!

Venue // Glacier National Park - Lake McDonald Lodge

Hair // Covet Beauty

Photographer // Kelly Kirksey Photography

Floral // Mum's Flowers

Bouquet Preservation // Blooms to Heirlooms


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